New “Postcards”






Notice Something Funny?


We had to switch the deli and cheese cases which meant a few changes to the mural. My boss and I figured out a way to do it without too much hassle, but I did end up making a copy of the end of the cheese sign, and painting over some other stuff.


Me looking like a nerd.


The Juice and Eggs Train is Leaving the Station

The other day I received the highest praise. There was a little boy, about 6, just standing in front of this mural staring up at it. He seemed to be puzzling over it. I didn’t interrupt him to ask what he was thinking, I just appreciated his attention.


Here are the photos from the completed mural:














A Labor of Love, or The Dairy Wall

This is my favorite mural of all, probably because it is green and bright and open. When I planned it out, the intention was not to include the word dairy, because that was the directive I was given. But, in retrospect, I should have known that it would become necessary to put the word dairy in since I had already painted the section name onto the butcher shop, cheese, and deli.

Up and Running

Now hanging above the meat, cheese, and deli sections is my new 40 foot long mural. My goal here was to stick with the Westport Trader Joe’s theme, but include the name of each section so that customers could find it easily. In the past the section name was just written, all by itself like a title, above section. To step it up a notch, I tried to include the word within the mural, hence the words “Butcher Shop” on the canon, “Cheese” onto the cheese castle, and “Deli” onto the umbrella.







In Progress

During the past 6 weeks, I’ve completed over 80 feet of murals. Here’s some images of my working space including some works in progress:






Excited for the finished product? Relax… Its coming.

Big Doings! Time for a makeover!

For the last year or so there has been a big question looming on the minds of my captain and me: will we be doing a remodel? Well, just a few months ago we found out that the answer was a definite yes, and we needed to hit the ground running with preparations of a huge magnitude. Murals. This is my favorite kind of work, because I get to spend my time designing and executing paintings.

The blessing and burden of almost full artistic license has fallen on me to come up with the new store theme. This involved hours of research, sketching, imagining, and thinking about how to approach the new look of our store. With advice from the regional and my captain, we came up with a Compo beach/Post Road/Trader Joe’s/classy/fun theme. Its a mouthful.

Each time I came up with a new idea I asked myself if each of these elements were present. In fact, since finishing some pieces, I’ve had to add more Trader Joe’s feel, but I’ll get into that in another post.


Old orchid section with sign that I made in 2011

Old landing zone

Flower section - before...

The demo station before

The finale before

More of the old finale

The before and after shots are astounding because the store has changed so much.!!!