Beer Shop Sign

As some of you may know, last winter Connecticut changed its laws to allow beer to be sold on Sundays between the hours of 10am and 5pm. This is great news for us, but it also means that we need to notify Sunday morning shoppers at 9am that they cannot actually purchase beer for another hour. Instead of covering up the beer shelves, last April I created this sign with the “shop” hours in.





New Window Art

There’s a great before and after for this – partly because before there was nothing. Deciding what to put in the window was challenging. I played with the idea of product images, food images, Westport images, and customers shopping. We do have customers come in sometimes not knowing what Trader Joe’s is. Should I be trying to educate people about what we do to try and pull them in off the street? Ultimately, I decided to go with simple and fun. Here’s what I came up with. My goal was to attract customers while they were either driving or walking by – this works for both scenarios.


Hours Sign

Hurricane Irene blew down our old hours sign, so we got the new and improved sign, which also includes the words “Trader Joe’s Trading”… not just “Hours”. And it also says “Every Day”!!!