Old News

I made this, oh, last spring… The yellow flowers are separate pieces that can be removed and changed (similar to the concept of a chalk board) depending on what flowers are being displayed. Today it is eucalyptus and sunflowers, at great prices, I might add.


Double-Sided, What?

I finished this up at the end of September, and finally photographed it today, since it got moved from the window! And let me tell you, making double-sided art isn’t without its frustrations, so its a bummer that the back is now hidden. When you make two sided art, both sides have to be sanded and prepped, then lets say you make one side perfect and you flip it over to work on the other side, then the first side gets messed up because it’s face down… you know what I mean… So you can no longer see the back, which I worked hard on.

The Inside

And the Outside